Your One Thing

March 14, 2018 by
Your one thing

Everyone around us at Wandering Cooks is getting ready to own their own places. Whether it’s still a glint in their knife, money being squirrelled away, or an empty building, people are getting ready.

How many will dare to be a Michelin starred hawker

to look out passed what exists towards horizons still approaching

to be guided by the ONE THING they do so exceptionally well that no one else can do it better

better and more authentically, for longer, with more earnest dedication, day in day out, until they change the landscape of what is considered to be high quality by the world’s most esteemed judges?

Like a stone thrown toward their future- how many will dare to let that one thing ripple out to impact everything else they do?

What’s Wandering Cooks’ ONE THING…

We tend the ground that grows people who dare to do their ONE THING. And we ask them to do it with kindness towards the people, environments and animals behind their products. And then we celebrate them to the eaters and the drinkers who will love them for their bravery.

We can’t forget that. Every day, when I’m tending the garden or she’s polishing a glass or he’s setting up for morning service, this must always be on our minds. Why are we doing this? For us, for you, for growing our passion together….

What is your Michelin starred hawker?

Photo credit: Yong Teck Lim – Good Food Guide.

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