Working from home

October 30, 2018 by
Working from Home

At the warehouse, the fan keeps tripping out. Another trolley breaks its wheel. A booking needs changing, a delivery signing, doors saving, ferments finishing, menus updating…

There’s a trillion undone tasks roaming the warehouse like this: down the corridor, passed the office and through the green canopies, calling out with every shifting breeze for someone to find them, help them.

None are my tasks exactly, but nor are they anyone else’s. They are the orphans thrown off by a business in motion. Urgent, yet unimportant, in the scheme of all things.

If I go to the warehouse, I get plenty done. Huge swathes of these open ends can be tied off. But none of them will leave me with a sense of satisfaction by the end of the day.

This blog post definitely doesn’t get written. 

Staying home to work feels like neglecting the orphans, but more so, neglecting my staff, who are left to tackle each one as it blows by. 

But still, the empty space in my calendar draws me to its stillness. The luxury of it… no meetings tomorrow?! Maybe, just maybe…

And so here I am, unhelpfully at home.

It’s just me, my laptop, and a line up of actions revealing themselves.

But with no interruptions, these actions are orderly, patient, addressable one at a time. In my head, in my inbox, even in my long neglected time management app, they take their places. The flow of productivity is unimpeded. And finally, with this time at home comes momentum and insights and the mental space for projects buried beneath day to day urgencies…

and a blog post.

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