When there are no victims in business

November 13, 2018 by

Every one in business faces her own pains.

A marathon slog or a downhill plummet or a confidence hole. 

Many are doing these feats of will with the tears streaming down their cheeks. Some with family watching on, waiting to receive what they signed up for. Their husband. Their mother. Their bread winner.

All these people are heroes in waiting. They might not feel that yet. They might only feel the fears, or the pressure, but I see their posture. They are in warrior’s pose.

I am watching them take 100% responsibility for their choices. Every day, they’ve made them. Choices that were based on choices that were based on choices and somewhere in the beginning was that first choice: to start their own business. Some without much preparation, some with the right ingredients but the wrong market, some with the right business but the wrong partner. All with hearts full to the brim with passion. None with a clean slate.

And now they are all ready to ask the hard questions that will lead them towards stronger and braver and brighter choices until the world’s brimming with glorious businesses showing us what happens when you’re brave enough to be a crying hero. 

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