What does stuck feel like?

June 12, 2015 by
Kitty 1

Kitty Jones got stuck once, getting her food business off the ground. This is what it felt like to her.

Stuck feels like

scrutiny. Because my every mistake must be written all over my face.

a challenge. Because in every failure there is a lesson.

sickening. Because I gambled and I lost.

easy. Because I could slip away silently and cut my losses.

a lie. Because I could have tried harder.

disillusion. Because the outcome I dreamed and the outcome I got are two very different things.

empowering. Because I am open to re-birth.

isolation. Because I am ashamed to speak of my losses.

a reprieve. Because perhaps I never wanted this anyway.

deserved. Because I should have known better.

heavy. Because after this ends, what is left?

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