The sparkle amidst the shit

November 7, 2018 by
The sparkle

Do I write too many depressing blog posts? Perhaps that depends on where you currently stand on the weaving, forking path of food business.

Are you right at the start of your journey? looking down a road curving out of sight, presenting itself as the perfect adventure. Still shaded by comforting visions in dappled light, your energy still endlessly refuelled by the anticipation of creativity awaiting you?

Then yeah, my posts might be a downer.

Are you looking at a fork in your journey? wondering how you’ll take the right path, how you’d even know if it was the right path after so many dust storms and days of drought.

Then, maybe my posts remind you to look down and see there’s a hand in yours. My hand. Ready to walk that decision with you.

Or are you on the other side of a mountain pass? You got lost. You got injured. You’re trying to look forward not back, and even so, when that depressing blog post arrives in your inbox every week it’s not a burden. You see a little sparkle amidst the shit. That sparkle’s for you.

Bless your upcycled cotton apron … love reading your blog posts. It’s been 5 years since I closed my restaurant, bankrupt, homeless. It broke my family, hurt my kids and wrecked my body … five years in repair and the fam is back together. Will forever rent and never be able to get a credit card and still dealing with misdiagnosed autoimmune something something that I think is part broken heart and part exhaustion after 4 years of running on adrenaline.

Your posts reassure me. I’m not the only one that loves hospitality, that loves the industry, that thrives in that space that nurtures and cares with food, space and the collective.  Alas sometimes it is us that get taken advantage of and to the detriment of so many things in our own lives….  Anyway… thank you. It was much needed today, to remind me it wasn’t all bad, in fact, it was bloody awesome and could never have lasted, as much as some days I wished it had.

Thank you for finding the sparkle amidst the shit, dear reader.

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