The snubbers of guilt

February 7, 2018 by
Snubbers of guilt

How dare you make me feel guilty when I’m doing my best?*

Well for one, how do I make you feel anything? If you’re feeling guilty, it’s probably best to own it first up. And then, rather than seeing this feeling as a bad thing, something that I’ve done to ruin your day, maybe you could use it to respond in ways that you thought were beyond you.

Levinas sees guilt as a key emotion to link us to our next actions. To help us remember that our place in the sun, our warmth, our full stomach comes as an immense privilege. So much of our behaviour is oriented toward living a guilt free life. But what if a guilt free life isn’t possible? How do we learn to live with the emotion without becoming defensive against it?

Armouring ourselves with justifications for not feeling guilty is just too damn boring. I suggest using the feeling as propulsion into a life worth living.

Maybe instead of blaming, come along to an event that turns guilt towards action: our next Snubbers event for instance.

*to explain a tad – I was ‘making this person feel guilty’ because I was suggesting an alternative form of ingredient sourcing than she was currently pursuing, but the context of her question doesn’t really matter too much I hope… even if it has given me a chance to push an event I feel proud to be a part of!

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