The game of your business

May 1, 2018 by
When your business becomes a game

There’s really nothing more creative than running a business, if you want it to be this way. But instead, you can run your business like a series of jobs:

Every day, go to your business, do what you planned to do.

And what you planned to do is what you thought your business was yesterday.

So prep food, sell food, talk to people who walk into your shop, or food truck, or restaurant.

Order, clean, pay bills, pay people, lock the door, do it again as planned.

Nothing complicated about that. Until you find yourself going on a road straight to nowhere.

At which point, you can start re-imagining your business as a game. Not a game that is won and finished, like an every day of the week simple card game kind of game (the ‘did I do lots of covers today’ kind of game), but a game that has no end.

The aim of this game is for the game to go on long enough that your employees are well paid and enjoying themselves, that your debts are cleared and that you’re making a proper dent in the universe or the neighbourhood or other lives more generally (including your own).

Long enough that the game becomes an art form.

That’s the complication of business, and what makes it not busy-ness. When it becomes creation: endless, or end-full, depending on how you decide to play it.

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