Start your food business

turning food business dreams
into realities

Suitable For: Anyone wanting to skill up

Time needed: 2.5 hours once a month

Investment: $495 for 12 workshops (discounted if you take on The Ingredient Challenge as well)


Wandering Cooks and FAN (The Food and Agribusiness Network) have partnered up to bring you these series of workshops. They’re practical, hands on, and focused.

If you’re interested on starting a food business but not sure where to start, this is a great beginning. And if you’re immersed in the day to day running of your food business already, they’re an excellent way to keep skilling up and to troubleshoot any emerging issues with expert teachers and a committed group body of students. You don’t need to be using our kitchens to be part of this program.




Kitchen Intake

Topics we'll cover:

  • Who is your customer?
  • Time management
  • Brand & Direct marketing
  • Labeling, packaging & logos
  • Negotiating deals & lease contracts
  • Pitching & fundraising
  • Tradeshows and consumer events
  • Gaining control of your finances
  • Making progress, goal setting
  • Design, construction, licencing
  • Business models & learning to pivot

For who: Anyone ready to leap into their food business dreams, with expert support and a community behind them

Time needed: 1 month of workshops (5 x 3+ hour events across 4 weeks) and as much experimenting at home as you can.

Investment: $330 with a money back guarantee


The Ingredient Challenge will be set at Open Day. If you participate, you will be working to a list of produce (the ingredients) that’s available from the local, ethical farmers we celebrate. You will be supported by us and our mentors, over a whole month (workshops and working from home), to develop menus & products that are a direct response to these ingredients.

Then, at the end of the month, there will be a tasting event of the menus you’ve conceived. The most successful participants are in the running for over $16K worth of awards and opportunities thanks to Silverchef and Aria!

Plus, if our experts deem you ready, you will be next in line for incubating at Wandering Cooks, either through food service or manufacturing your product. If our experts think you need some skilling up first, you will be able to participate in the next Challenge and sign up to the INSIDE OUT Workshops.

Mentors include Naomi Zavackas, Geoff Able & Phil Marchant. Read their bios here.

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What you'll get:

  • expert advice from our mentors
  • a solid menu based on local, seasonal ingredients
  • a clear path forward specific to your skill level
  • chance at winning a share of over $16k of awards and opportunities on offer to participants with the most immediate potential
  • chance at being next in line for incubation as a food business in service or manufacture

For who: food business owners ready to take on an incubation spot in our kitchens, to reach their full potential.

Time needed: 1 – 2 years


If you’ve made it through The Ingredient Challenge, and our experts think you’re ready, we’ll put you in line for a service from our kitchens, or find you a suitable kitchen time to start making your product. You start to earn by selling your food, while we help you grow bigger and better through workshops, check ins and accountabilities.

Investment: This differs between product makers and hospitality businesses.

For product makers, we charge an hourly rate, ranging from $19 – $26, depending on how long you use the kitchens.

For hospitality, there is no set rental fee. After an initial test period, we set up a partnership between you and Wandering Cooks. Why? Because you’ve demonstrated that you’re willing to pull your weight, develop your business, and collaborate with us and the other food businesses. This means that instead of a set rent, you contribute a % of your revenue to Wandering Cooks. If you do well, we do well, and vice versa.


Kitchen Intake

What you'll get

  • a track record of your progress
  • a curriculum with core modules that will flesh out all aspects of your food business
  • a community that's cheering you on
  • a step closer to your own venue!