Saying Goodbye to Jo

March 12, 2019 by
Saying goodbye to Jo

Jo’s packed up, hugged a hundred goodbyes, and driven away to her future. Ahead of her, 6 months spent on the road in her troopy (Hans, @troopy_on_tour) with her man (Tom), making their way back to Germany where she will begin a food business of her own.

Jo was Wandering Cooks’ General Manager. The incredibly diligent, energetic, loving approach she maintained to her work and our team won’t be forgotten.

Replacing her wasn’t going to be easy! Jo was a superstar. She took double tasking, layering of responsibilities and working the job of two all in her stride. But she also cared so much about this place that finding the perfect replacements became her mission.

And so arrived Billy and Brett. After a solid period of training and handover, they’ve shaped up to be superstars of equal calibre! Knocking over difficult situations, building new systems, bending and ducking with the break neck speed of this place, all in a single bound.

We will be ok without you, Jo. Thank you so much for leaving us in good hands. Your final act of generosity.

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