Procrastination versus the real work

June 19, 2018 by
the real work

Watch me procrastinate. It looks quite productive. I can do 10 urgent things on my way to doing ‘the real work’: pick up rubbish (1), put away some stock (2), clear a dead corner (3)… oh, I forgot to tell Greta that thing about the cups! (4), sign for a delivery (5), water a plant (6), change a kitchen customer’s booking (7), serve a beer (8), make a toastie (9), hole punch menus (10). And then when I’m finally sitting down, I do it in the busiest part of the warehouse, under the pretext of keeping an eye on things. Come on, interrupt me, I’m begging for it. I chose this seat. I chose these urgent activities instead of the real work. Yes, the business needs them done. But they’re definitely not what I should be doing right now.

Right now, the work is less urgent but harder, deeper, more strenuous on my brain and steeper on my learning curve.

I need to be strategising Wandering Cooks a sustainable business model. I need to be lining up new partnerships and funding strategies. I need to create a truly beneficial incubation pathway for all the food businesses beavering away in our kitchens…

And just as I’m grappling with my avoidance, a new friend sets a task for me.

Choose 10 important challenges you will embrace over the next 10 days that you are currently avoiding. By 11am tomorrow, tell me what they are, and when across the next 10 days they will be completed. Then, every day at the same time, send me an email updating me on how you’re progressing. Don’t let me down.

I can’t tell you what a pleaser I am. I can’t STAND letting people down. Letting myself down? Not a big problem. But people I respect who’ll be disappointed in me if I don’t follow through? No way. Uh-Uh. Not an option.

So here’s my list.

And here’s my challenge to you: make your own list of 10 things you are avoiding that you will now do, and send it to by 11am tomorrow (Wednesday). Every day by 11am, send another email with an update on how you’re going, for the next 10 days. I will keep your communication entirely confidential. Heck, I may not even read it (because reading it would be procrastination wouldn’t it?). But I do expect to see you follow through if you have the balls to begin. Every day by 11am for the next 10 days. Set an alarm.

Don’t disappoint me.

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