Plants on the brain

February 26, 2019 by
Plants growing in my head

We haven’t sent a newsletter for ages.


I’ve let if fall away because the end of year holidays took me out of the habit and momentum. Writing hurts a bit too much to start up again just like that.

So instead, I’ve done what’s easier. What I love more than anything really. I’ve been growing ideas in my head, new projects for Wandering Cooks, some completely new beginnings, many old ideas rejuvenated by turning baby-form again.

Seeds, planted in my brain that are now germinating, growing sets of leaves and curly tendrils that branch off and head for different end points and geez it’s crowded growing plants in my head like this so I open up and let them grow out.

Outside, they turn into pieces of text first, then kernels of conversation with staff, colleagues and friends (all one and the same around here), then characters on a spreadsheet. That’s when they really get their tendrils on.

I’m obsessed with turning their growth into numbers that relate and reform. The spreadsheets make the ideas feel truly possible and when this happens, there’s no stopping me/them. I can’t help myself. No hiding til launch. I talk about the ideas whenever I can, so I can watch faces light up with the look of them, or crinkle in concern for what I haven’t yet considered. All the more to grow them with my dear.

I’d tell you about them here, too, if it weren’t for the fact that I can’t see your faces. I don’t like letting the babies out to play when I can’t see the reactions they invoke. Not til there’s flowers, or fruit. Something for you to sample in person. Face to face.

If you can’t wait for that, come find me tending the babies in my head while I garden on the outside. The ideas won’t hide for long as we speak of plans and dreams over the hose.

Anyway, I started this rant because I wanted to explain why I’ve been silent for so long, too long. I apologise, for it’s truly my mistake. I will find a way to write through all this, even if it’s just the meandering rants of an idea-obsessed business owner.

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