Placing our faith in tubers

October 1, 2019 by

I ordered a whole heap of turmeric, ginger and galangal tubers for our garden. Looking at them now, I’m dubious they’ll ever shoot green and grow. They’re so damn dormant. So unviable-looking.

Turmeric and ginger is meant to show life before its planted: small green mounds pressing out through the skin. But the galangal needs planting straight away. I must dig it into the ground, bed it down before any evidence of growth.

Dark. Disappeared. Feels like closing my eyes and walking away. I can’t focus my nerves on it, can’t even remember where I dug it. Or when.

But why, I can remember that. I planted it because I had faith in the life force of tubers.

Making decisions at Cooks can feel a bit like planting galangal. Sometimes there’s no time to wait for the green to show itself. Digging into business requires faith in the force of us, in our resolve, in our commitment to the reason behind it all.

There are many people in this city playing their parts in changing the way we eat. Our part: to grow a new kind of viability out of the smallest components, one that links the thousands of small efforts together, the food makers, producers, gardeners, crafters, diners and cooks, into a web that connects and supports us all.

And the faith: that regardless of the dark gap between now and when our impact grows, together we will dig in anyway, ground ourselves and grow.

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