Our commitment to farmers, food sovereignty and mitigating climate change

January 9, 2020 by
Our commitment

What else is there to talk about when the country is on fire?

We knew the country was on fire, before it literally burst into flames.

Back then, we couldn’t always see it, but we could hope it wasn’t.

Now, we see nothing else, and the hope shifts to stalemate, frigid fear, internal screams, despair.

So I turn away, and towards my own business – towards Wandering Cooks – a place where I can make change happen that directly impacts not just our own carbon footprint, but the footprint of the people we support – the food makers and the public, whose interests intersect around food.

Well that’s something that can get me flowing again.

And it’s why, from the beginning of April – after 7 years of dedicated preparation, trial and error, testing and setbacks, there will be no confusion, no having to mask our intent due to not everyone being completely onboard. From April this year every one of the food businesses serving you meals in our warehouse will be on board, flowing with us too.

Flowing with what?!

Flowing with something we can action more strongly than anyone else.

We will snub the supermarkets and their company offspring.

Every ingredient in every meal you eat with us will be jam packed with ingredients from small local regenerative farmers.

Hear me clearly and resolutely: not one meal you eat here will be fuelling climate change, or animal cruelty, or salinisation of our waterways, or deforestation, or cause a decrease in our local food sovereignty.

This means you will be flowing, too. You will know that when you support us and our food makers – from Kiya to Chris to Tanya to Sarah to Anastasia to Fatima – every dish on their menus will be supporting:

The list will grow.

These small, careful, thoughtful, hardworking farmers capture carbon by making living soil. They are caretakers of our future.

This is our response to the crippling pain of inaction. Thousands of beautiful businesses transforming our food culture together.

If you want to get involved, consider joining The Ingredient Challenge if your a food business, or join our Snubbing the Supermarkets Group to hear more about our future farm gate events.



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