Minimal Intervention Wines through Mimi’s eyes

March 8, 2017 by
Minimal Intervention Wines

Mimi’s concept for her Brisbane Street Arts Festival piece on Fish Lane

Minimal intervention wines captured Mimi’s mind when she came to think of Wandering Cooks and what we’re working towards through our ethos, action and approach.

It is both a reflection of what Angela is building through her company manifesto, and something I’m personally interested in within my arts practice. For the majority of people, their food and drink choices are the single, biggest contributor to their personal carbon footprint, and I’m interested in what that footprint might look like if we’re supporting local producers and small businesses with a focus on people and planet over profit. I’m optimistic about the future of food, and I’ve highlighted this optimism with a visually striking artwork that’s beautiful, playful, approachable and will become truly iconic for Fish Lane.” Mimi

Minimal intervention wine
Mimi on Day 2 of the paint – focusing on the lunar

This abstract artwork carries through it a visual narrative, which broken down reflects the four main stages of biodynamic wine production:

GROW – in line with the lunar cycle, the surrounding environment, and with respect for the earth.
HARVEST – gently, and with anticipation
PRODUCE – the process of making biodynamic wine
DRINK – and celebrate the ritual of wine with shared food and community

Minimal Intervention Wine with Gentlefolk
Gentlefolk Vines

There are a number of deeply considered design elements within Mimi’s artwork itself which help to communicate the broader concept in a visually striking, playful and engaging way.


Minimal Intervention Wine
MOON – Acknowledging the vital role the lunar cycle plays in conscious planting, and biodynamic wine making.
Minimal Intervention Wine
OPAL – Classed as a mineral, opal reflects the importance of vital trace minerals in biodynamic wine making, and Opals also show every colour of the visual spectrum, and represent purity.
Minimal Intervention Wines
GRAPES – The hero of the narrative, grapes feature more than once as a reminder of the reason for the process.
Minimal Intervention Wine
DIONYSUS – The god/goddess of wine, specifically in relation to ritual and ceremony, harvest, and the celebration of community.
Minimal Intervention Wine
PRISMS – Acknowledging my (MIimi’s) background in fine art, these were used when first learning to draw from life.
Minimal Intervention Wine
BRUSHSTROKES – My (Mimi’s) signature personal style – in this artwork these huge gestural strokes represent the flowing of wine.

This wall not only reflects Mimi’s amazing creativity but it shows off what we’re achieving in our little bar – Drinks at Wandering Cooks by sourcing minimal intervention wines to truly support the local makers who truly care about what they’re doing. Thank you Mimi.


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