Is this what viability feels like?

September 3, 2019 by
Is this what viability feels like?_WEB

These days, more often than not, I’m missing thoughts to write in this blog. Sure, week by week I’ve scrape together sentences… and there’s usually something glinting in them, something sharp, familiar.

That’s what I’m searching for when I’m writing: the thing that cuts through into other realities, making what I write meaningful beyond, well, me.

But it’s not like it used to be. I used to write on the crest of a burning feeling, an emotion rising. The words would pin the feeling to the ground. I’d question it until it would stop squirming and acquiesce to my interrogations.

The words would plummet out of me, easily finding the glint in the emotions: fear, anxiety, anger, overwhelm, terror. Because I was writing through a business out of control. And who doesn’t know this out of control feeling if you’ve run a business?

But, where’s the fuel for writing gone now? The pressure to relieve emotional imbalance has given way to… something quieter. More felt than explained, more business as usual, and often more… more existentially adrift.

Is this what viability feels like?

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