If your business is slow

May 15, 2018 by
If your business is slow

If your business is new, an unusually slow time feels like a forecast. If your business is slow and has been for 6 weeks: must be a trend.

If you’ve been at it for several years or more, and every year you see the same thing happen without fail, that’s when you can call a trend.

But the same thing rarely happens consistently every year anyway. Not if you’re changing every year, too.

An early cold snap, combined with a late Easter combined with March being unusually busy (hence April is slow by comparison) plus, look hard at the figures and ALL the variables and ask yourself, is this a trend, or is it a chance to do better?

Rather than focus on getting more people in, focus on you and your surroundings.

What can I do to make me and my customers’ experiences so insanely solid and seductive that next year at this time, my new unbusy will be last year’s busy?

Now that’s a plan for the slow times: grow you.

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