Growing Pains by Aburi Boi’s Phin Prak

August 21, 2018 by
Growing Pains

Starting a business is the easy part, growing a business is the real challenge. There is a quote that goes “Trying to grow your business is like trying to fix the engines of a 747 while it’s still flying in the air!”

This rings true for most of us. The problem with most small business owners is not simply that they are doing too much work, (which we all are) but that they are doing the wrong kind of work.  Instead of the daily grind of service or prep we should be looking at the strategic goals, the company vision and future milestones. Easier said than done…..

The reality of the start up phase is that all the little things need to be done – scrubbing the floors, wiping down walls, cleaning, prepping the stock, selling, travel, suppliers, customers, cash flow, and paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork!

At the end of the day, the bucks stop with you, the business owner. You are in the driver’s seat and the time you spend gets more valuable the more you grow. Pick the jobs where you bring in the most value. You have done a great job to get to where you are now, but to get to the next level you will need a bigger plan.

Growing a business can be quite challenging, but a clear strategy and a sound set of systems in place can help take the pain out of growth. At least for a little while……

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