Forged in the Fire – A FREE TRAINING for women in food business

October 2, 2018 by
Forged in the Fire

Pulling Wandering Cooks out of its financial nose dive and into viability has been the most stressful experience of my life.

There’s been other transforming events to be sure. Finishing a PhD, most demanding on my brain muscles; becoming a mother, most challenging to my independence; wearing a back brace, most teaching of humility; losing my brother to suicide, most annihilating to my optimism.

All of these events have taught me how to lean into the stress of business, and to find creative solutions, and freedom, even when I don’t think I have the strength. That’s what one of my friends calls ‘being forged in the fire’.

There are many women out there who are equally forged, and I’ve long been attracted to their strength and light. Not so much to the one’s who have always known success, or who’ve never had to brush themselves off and keep going.

This is why I applied for a Qld Government Advancing Women in Business Industry Partnerships Program Grant. I thought – what if I could bring together a group of women who are equally forged, to help mentor and teach women who are still struggling to get out of the fire?

And you know what?


So now I get to do something I’ve long wanted to do – offer an ongoing, iterative training that builds skills while dealing with real-life business dilemmas. The course will be aimed specifically at women in business (as that is what the grant is for, sorry this time fellas!), and will begin as soon as I have my first 30 participants lined up.


The participants will need to be:

  • Owners of their businesses
  • Women (generally referring to yourself as – so we’re equally happy if you’re trans, queer, cisgender, whatever baby)
  • In the first 5 years of food business development or in some kind of crisis point in a more established business. Basically, you need to want to do the work.
  • And by food business we mean all food, drink, food production and related industry (ie. happy for worm farmers, coffee roasters, food distributors, cafe owners, or bar owners etc etc)
  • Finally, you need to be ready and willing to think in a ‘Wandering Cooks’ way about your business (ie, we’ll be pushing you towards sustainable, ethical solutions)


  • 2 hours of contact time every 3 weeks (or up to weekly if you’re eager) with approximately 10 other women, until the end of May 2019.
  • The sessions’ timings will be designed to meet the most generally available time slots for the women who participate.
  • You’ll be part of a structured group mentoring session, that will sometimes focus directly on your business, and sometimes indirectly.
  • The mentored sessions will be facilitated by me and involve at least one other ‘forged in the fire’ mentor.
  • Through the sessions, you’ll develop goals and action plans, and you’ll be contributing to the group through careful listening and constructive feedback.
  • Your needs and issues as they arise over the first few months will directly shape a set of 10 talks and workshops, that will begin in February 2019.


The mentored sessions will be FREE to the first 30 women who demonstrate to me that they have a clear desire to learn. The talks/workshops will also be free, as long as you’re turning up to at least 75% of your scheduled mentoring sessions.

If you’d like in, please email me: and in less than 150 words, tell me what your most stressful business issue is. First 30 women to fit the requirements are in.

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