Finding our boiling point

March 12, 2020 by
Move like boiling water

Making a business is like boiling water. Friction is required.

You hope it’s not. You hope that this still water pot, this tepid body will simply – phut! – turn to steam. But without heat, without the frenetic kenetic energy of the burned-up water babies… it won’t. Still water doesn’t steam.

It hurts to try to steam, oh my does it hurt. The tussle, the bump and the broken. But without the friction of business in change, there will never be release.

Imagining life without friction is wishing yourself to the steam state – a time when time itself is crossed out. Where everything has space, where anything can be reached. Water metamorphosed into butterflies. Even for a day.

Trying to see through the next few months, hazy with portending virus-fuelled financial disaster, where maybe the whole of Brisbane goes into lock down, and fear of jobs and elders lost keeps people in their homes ordering from Uber eats, makes those steam-generated butterflies very hard to vision up indeed.

But they are there, waiting, for the friction.

So let’s see if I can locate the right pot and some well applied heat to set them free…

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