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January 13, 2016 by
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Swinging into the new year has a deja’vu edge to it, wouldn’t you say? You’ve got the world at your feet, you clean your space, take extra moments to think about things in a holistic manner and put together a thought pattern about how to tackle each day in the most successful way. For me, January’s about maintaining momentum and correcting my thought processes to make sure I bloody well achieve my dreams for the year ahead.

I bought a 2016 diary last week and sat in a little coffee shop in Woodford to fill it with the things I needed to do. I got as far as the first week before I hit ‘overwhelm’. Everything seemed so huge and unachievable and that was just the work tasks I’d written down! What about all the fun stuff? My brain was too friggin freakin out to even get to the fun stuff.

Yes, putting pen to paper to plan your life may be daunting, but it encourages you to face the things in your life that you’ve been pushing away and so not bringing to reality. Now, how do you swing them into action?

We’ve been asking this a question regularly here at Wandering Cooks: “What’s the ‘next physical action’ needed to kick this project into reality?”. The next physical action is one that you don’t have to think about once it’s been written down. You just do it. It’s not: “Make the best sangria the world’s ever tasted”. Instead, it’s: “Look up ‘sangria’ in the index of all our cocktail books and decide which ones I should test’. Breaking down that big dream into a next physical action pushes your project forward into a living, breathing activity. It might only take 10 seconds to figure out but many of us simply don’t take the time to ask the question. Instead, we go into overwhelm mode, and doubt our abilities to get to the perfect end result.

Got a big food dream planned for 2016? Write down that next physical action! And then the one after that, and then the next and the next, until you have mapped out a task list to achieve your project.

Then, once you’ve written it all down, it’s time for the doing part (which is way easier now), and the harder part, which is reviewing and reorganising actions in an ongoing way to make sure you stay on track and stay out of overwhelm. One way I try to get through this stage is to tell someone special who is willing to hold you accountable to what you’ve planned. They’ll check in on you. Help you dig out the next physical action if your brain starts swimming into overwhelm again, or ask you how you went with the last one. It can be confronting at times, but trust someone dependable and a bit organised, and reciprocate with some accountability right back at them!

Go on, give it a nudge and see how you go.

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