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Tasting and Tour Events

Would you like to have a look around our kitchens, chat to Angela about your plans and have a select group of food makers taste your products with feedback? Book into our monthly tasting and tour here.

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Hanging to get started on your business straight away? Join our Private Facebook Clubhouse for $19/month until you start using our kitchens (when it becomes part of the package). The Clubhouse gives you access to our community of over 150 small food business makers, who have all been where you are right now.


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Key Details

  • Join a tasting and tour if you think your food business plans would suit our kitchens.
  • Join our Private Facebook Clubhouse for just $19/month.
  • To receive the best rates possible, commit to a regular booking.
  • Make sure you have the right licences and public liability insurance lined up. See our FAQs for more details.