Can you help us find a new home?

June 18, 2019 by
Finding a new home

I need to be careful not to mention Melbourne and leaving Fish Lane in the same page (whoops did it again).

Let me be clear – I really do want to continue Wandering Cooks in Brisbane. Yes, sometimes I do imagine it in other cities, but I have no intention of abandoning the Brisbane project in the process.

The response to last week’s post has been overwhelming, and invigorating: invigorating to be miss-able (that sounds weird… I mean, I’m getting the vibe we would be missed if we weren’t here); and invigorating to be receiving offers of possible sites for our next venue in Brisbane, yipee!!

So, to encourage all who are putting thinking caps on, I thought I’d send you a bit more of a brief. Please do continue to send through possibilities and suggestions. I am very ready to be optimistic about our future here… in Brisbane… not Melbourne.


  • Building/buildings/open space in the very inner suburbs of Brisbane.
  • Ideally, we would like our next site to still be close to the cultural precinct, but we could be convinced otherwise.
  • And ideally, we would not be overshadowed by tall buildings to the north, so we can optimise our growing space.
  • We would definitely be interested in occupying the right roof top!
  • We don’t need to be part of an already established precinct, but somewhere we can grow a precinct of our own.
  • Being nearby large audiences on foot is essential.

Space requirements:

  • We want ‘theatrical space’ for the events/bar/dining. Warehousing is ideal. Or an old church perhaps? We only need a shell.
  • Much of the space does not need to have visual amenity, just the public facing components.
  • We need outdoor space, at the very least to retain the Wandering Cooks green/relaxed/backyard garden feel.
  • If we were on a roof top, below are our bare minimums. On a roof top we could take up as much of it as we had access to (no stopping our green thumb then!).

Floor Areas, internal and external, ground floor, or roof top:

  • at least 200sqm ground floor (or roof) for commercial kitchen activity – the more the better to grow into incrementally
  • at least 100sqm ground floor (or roof) and 130sqm other floor for storage
  • at least 200sqm internal and 200sqm external for eating/garden/events
  • some flexible car parking space for around 8 cars (can be double parked)

So there you go. There’s a guide. If you own something, or you know someone who owns something or who is building something, we would be a truly awesome tenant. And we’ll put the sparkle into their building, for sure. Please ask whoever to contact Angela. at Wandering Cooks. at Fish Lane. ( until our new home is found.

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