Brave ones like you

October 14, 2019 by
brave ones like you

The below statements are all based on actual conversations.

Some (not all), are definitely about us.

Everything’s possible pre-launch, that is, before an idea goes live.

We’ll get hundreds of people to this!

When we get our own place, we’ll be busy every night!

We’ve factored in all the costs – there’s no way we can’t make money!

There’s so much longing in pre-launch. Why? Because ideas are technicolour perfection and you just want to get there already! Bugger the preparation, bugger the nay-sayers…

Even if you let yourself imagine a few downtimes once you’ve launched, they come with a pat on the back and a cup of tea. And they never last long.

And then shit actually gets real. It always does.

Why isn’t anyone engaging with our event? We need hundreds and we’ve only got five rsvps with two weeks to go!!!!

We were super busy at first but this week we’re down 20% and then we had the busiest day and then the quietest day… what the f!&* is going on?! How’s a person s’posed to sleep?!?!

Our tactics worked at Cooks but now they’re not getting traction and we need traction to pay interest and rent and staff and everything’s going to sh%*t!!!

Many people stay in pre-launch forever because they anticipate this post-launch anguish. Maybe they’ve even had it before and never want to feel the same again.

So if you’re leaping for the first time, give yourself a little cuddle.

Cuddle myself? Shit’s hitting the fan and that’s all you can say?

No that’s not all… how ‘bout… welcome to the club! While you’re running circles berating yourself for not listening to the muffled screams echoing across from the other side… make sure to reach out and grab hold of someone… someone still leaping, still running circles, still surviving.

And listen to them!!!

They’ll say,

It’s just the beginning. It’ll get better (and maybe worse), but if you keep focussed and find a more reasonable pace while still working your damn butt off, it’ll start feeling like life… not just disaster.

And then they’ll say,

Now let’s have a cuppa and hatch a plan because it’s a long journey and you’re going to enjoy it a lot more if you do it with friends. Brave ones… like you.

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