A Letter to the First

November 26, 2019 by
A letter to the First_Web

Dear whoever you are,

I’ve never done this before, that is, tried to evoke you. But this opportunity matters to me more than all the others. The Ingredient Challenge. I’m petrified that we’ll put it out there and…. nothing. Nothing will happen. No one will sign up.

There’s no doubt it’s a valuable opportunity. We’ve got the most wonderful list of farmers to source from with over 1000 ingredients between them, and counting. We’ve lined up intelligent, experienced mentors to help engage menus and products with locality and ethics. We’re organising an expansive farm tour that will give real context to the livelihoods we’re hoping to nourish. There’s 4 intensive workshops planned, to challenge and develop ideas, flavours, presentation and goals. Not to mention the $16k of awards we’ll be handing out to the participants who make it through to the last workshop…. and the partnership opportunities with us… and a money back guarantee…

Still… the bluebeard in my mind is warning me into hesitation. He always does when it matters this much. I’m too idealistic he chides. The vision I have that sustains me – of a textured network of small food players weaving our futures together so that the wound our city has created on this country slowly mends closed – he tells me it’s flawed. It’ll extinguish like a flare into darkness.

So here I am. I’m evoking you. Can I explain it any other way? what it will mean for our future if you rise up and let us see you? Let us know we’re not alone, that there’s more who will see this as the perfect opportunity to begin. We made this challenge for you, so please give me a sign you exist.

No pressure but.

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