11 Food Business Ideas

June 20, 2017 by

As Seth Godin would say, to have good ideas you first need to have lots of ideas and some of them will be bad. Here’s a mix I wrote down on my walk to work:

  • A pick your own herb garden
  • A tailor made garden personally looked after by a  gardener for apartment dwellers
  • Soil made from restaurant scraps in public parks, with eggs as value add
  • Sign writing makeover angel- pay me if you like it more
  • Branding makeover angel that has the same business model
  • Breakfast offerings made for coffee carts
  • Coaching doctor- drops into live coaching sessions to give feedback based on third party fly on wall
  • Burial service for broken restaurants where sale of items is prefaced by celebration and learning of mistakes made
  • Catching huntsmen spiders in old Queenslanders and setting them free for kookaburras to catch
  • 99 wine label designs
  • Composting bins for biodegradable packaging

Take any of them if you like, I don’t mind if you do. Some will be good ideas, some will be bad ideas. Some could be good or bad depending on the hands that mould them. I’m not precious about them staying ‘mine’ because the hard part is always in the execution. That’s when the real work begins.

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