Ange is starting a food business (again)

April 24, 2017 by

Starting a food business… why does anyone do it? I started Wandering Cooks because I wanted to make preserves. Preserves were everything to me- flavour intensified, bold emphasis and subtle italics adding meaning to any dish I’d set their sights to.

I had a name. Once a Garden. I had food maker sensibilities. I knew what delicious was and how to put heart into my food so people could taste how much I cared for them and the ingredients. This was all the easy stuff. But I had no idea how to make a business out of it. The more I tried to make one come to life, to pull it out of my making making making every day, the more money I lost. Maybe it was juggling new motherhood at the same time but whatever. It was too hard and I failed.

Funny, it was this failure that conceived Wandering Cooks. I figured there must be heaps of ‘mes’ out there, and I was right. Now, after 3 and a half years of goddam hard work, I know how to make a kitchen incubator not go out of business. Tick. (Notice I didn’t say ‘make money’. Ha! Still working on that!)

I’m not waking up at 3am with the panics anymore, I’m in a place of optimism. So what better time to head back into the sensitive and confusing head of ‘food maker turned food business owner’. Damn straight that’s what I’m gonna to do. After 3 and a half years of helping others get their food licences, I’m getting my own and I’ll be trying just as hard as you to make a business out of making food.

What follows I refuse to call truthful as it may get me in trouble with the authorities. Let’s just call it a spills and all embodiment – my journey into starting a food business. Follow it here, week to week.

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