10 Things I’ve been avoiding that I’m going to do in the next 10 Days

June 19, 2018 by
1. Create routine in my days that allows deep work AND review work:
  • Deep work time every week day morning from 9am – 11am with no exceptions.
  • No meetings in the mornings, no email til midday and then only for 1 hour.
  • Omnifocus review time every day in arvo for 15mins, and then twice a week on a more strategic level for 1 hour.
  • in place by today 19th June.
2. Have emptied my Omnifocus inbox and my email inbox
  • empty by Wednesday 20th June.
3. Don’t look at social media unless I’m planning on adding something meaningful to a conversation.
  • in place by today today 19th June.
4. Work out new payment strategy for our kitchens based on time/opportunity ‘quality’.
  • work this out during deep session Thursday 21st June.
5. Finish the food service manual copy:
  • add in any missing pieces, leave tags for ‘extension’ possibilities where required for the future, create a sign in page, pdf it, get final check over from Ash, and create a link to it for all food service providers. Create a timeline for signing, instigation of changes.
  • work this out during deep session Friday 22nd June. Pass all material by Jo, Olga & Ash for one more read over to be completed and signed off on by Wed 27th June.
6. Adapt the food service manual for the food product maker manual.
  • This will take 2 deep sessions probably: Monday 26th & Tuesday 27th June. Then pass by Jo to be completed and signed off by Friday 29th June.
7. Meet with Jo to sort out Sales Funnel & Merchant Steps.
  • Make meeting today 19th June. Have the meeting by Tuesday 27th June so any changes can be added to the manual.
8. Fill out remortgaging forms (fyi, we’re paying way too much interest and supporting the wrong investments with our current choice of lenders)
  • send by today 19th June.
9. Create a Tuesday early morning routine that involves gardening from 6:30am – 9am (before deep work).
  • This includes planning what I will be doing in the garden every Monday. Packing bag Monday evening and walking to work at 6:15am.
  • Begin this routine by Monday 26th June for Tuesday 27th June.
10. Find a low intensity, daytime yoga class that I can commit to by Thursday 21st June. Go to it in the following week.

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