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Christmas Pudding Class

Learn the art of creating the best Christmas pudding you’ve ever tasted!   Join Katrina Williams in this hands on class where you’ll learn her family recipe, which can become part of your family’s own Christmas tradition. The combination of 100% natural fruits and spices will result in a delicious pudding, light in texture and rich in flavour. In the class we’ll weigh, chop, stir and make a wish before packing your pudding in it’s bowl ready to be taken…


Supporting the Snubbers: Market and Info Night

Register here for free so we know you’re coming   Do you want a fairer food system? Are you having trouble figuring out how your personal buying decisions can make a difference? Are you still shopping at Coles, Woolies or Aldi? Well then! We’ve got a plan for you! Band together with us to snub the supermarkets- it’s a bold move but we think it will be one of the most satisfying and effective actions you’ll ever take. Not only…