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Cheese Lover Meet Up: White Moulds and Blues

Buy your Cheese Lovers ticket here   This is the first MeetUp Cheese Class of 2018 and Tom Merkli of The Red Cow wants to kick-off the year with a bang! During this class you’ll solely focus on white mould cheese (Brie, Triple Cream, Camembert, …) as well as blue cheese from near and far. Expect to taste about 6 different cheeses presented beautifully on individual cheese boards along with accompaniments and crackers. Ticket includes 1 glass of bubbles in…


Co-Op Info and Market Night

Snub your supermarket and learn with us how to shop local Snubbing the Supermarkets continues! Our next event is focussed on local food co-operatives. No idea what we’re talking about? Well lucky we’ll have Thor Svenson from Sovereign Foods and Mark McCrystal from Food Connect Brisbane who will be talking about: What a food co-operative is How you can access one What to do if you’d like to create one What it takes to keep one growing We’ll also have…


Tea Essentials Masterclass

Buy your Tea Essential ticket here   One plant species, 6 production styles, 5000 years of history – pure leaf tea has infinite possibilities! Join The Steepery‘s Tea Essentials masterclass to get started unravelling the world of leaf tea and gain practical skills to commence your own tea journey. We will begin our workshop by examining the botanicals of tea with a focus on origin, terroir and provenance and why these elements are important in tea making and authenticity. We…


Brewtal Feast

Buy your ticket to the Brewtal Feast here >>   The almighty Brewtal Feast is happening with the best of the best – hell yes! Starring Ben Devlin from Beerkary, Tim Goulding from Brewtal Brewing, Angela Hirst from Wandering Cooks and Meghan and Zoe Tulleners from Alphabet Cafe. These legends have bonked their noggins together to plan up a gnarly menu packed full of flavour, adventure and bloody good beer. Check out the full menu – sorry NO vegan or…


A wayward sloth’s wandering journey

Once was a sloth wandering along on wayward journeys he slung, the stories and senses that soon were abound are as grand as ever they come So set upon this steep path, to explore the further unknown he will sing and dance the oolong fling until the flavour extreme is shown. Two breweries – three food makers – same ingredients – endless options. Come along and taste the journey of the many makers who’ve been involved in this topsy turvy…


Voices of Colour: Screaming Kingdoms

This is Voices of Color’s first event for the year so you know they’ll be kicking it off with some energy and fire. Voices of Colour is all about creating a space that elevates the voices those identifying themselves as people of colour. This first event aims to do just that by allowing feature poets and performers to scream their histories, heritages and all the things that make them who they are. We will scream with poetry, dance and song.…